Thursday, March 11, 2010

I am back and ready to Blog

Welcome to Spring in Oklahoma. As the storm clouds stir and pollen begins to fill the air my desire to photograph the world around me pushes me to load up my Jeep with camera gear and hit the road. I am watching, camera ready, as the Tulip Tree buds prepare to bloom and Crocus start to push their heads upward to the sunlight. The winter didn't provide much inspiration for me, you would think the first blizzard in Oklahoma over Christmas would get me going, but I was content to stay inside, sipping hot chocolate, and watch the delicate flakes as they were carried by the wind into child high snow drifts. Some relief came when my husband and I took a cruise to Mexico and enjoyed the warm sun as the first snow of 2010 blanketed Oklahoma.

The work at Water Street Art Gallery is growing as our list of artists grows and we try to coax the residents of Sapulpa, Creek County and West Tulsa into our doors. Our artist have been recognized by state and national organizations over the winter and we are proud of them. Please visit our blog to see what we are up to and what events we are planning for the upcoming year. I am attempting to learn to paint with a pallete knife from Betty Dalsing, attempt is the operative word.

Well, back to my camera gear and waiting for the season to change. Check back next week to see what I am up to. Have a safe weekend and keep those camera's ready. Remember, photography is 50 percent being in the right place at the right time and 50 percent skill to record the event when the time comes. Good luck!

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