Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Almost Art Show Time and my son's Spring Baseball

I am gearing up to coordinate the annual Sapulpa Arts Route 66 Art Show the first Saturday of June, as well as preparing for the Water Street Art Gallery 6x6 Art Show and Sale reception is June 3. Both are in conjunction with the Sapulpa Route 66 Car Show along Rt. 66 as it winds through Downtown Sapulpa Oklahoma.
In addition to all the art fun, our family is having a blast watching our son play baseball, well all except Katie who would rather be picking flowers or chasing her friends. Photographing my son play is a joy and this year he is not only catching, but pitching. Bump up the ISO to stop the action and watch for fly balls. Grab your camera, get out there and enjoy the spring weather, before a storm front comes through in a day or two. Well... on second thought keep those cameras handy for the storm clouds, but take cover if a tornado comes through your town. HEADS UP!!